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Jellico permanent cosmetics is located in Hart Michigan.  We offer cosmetic tattooing in a friendly and comfortable setting.  Whether it is new eyebrows , eyeliner, lips or scalp micropigmentation you are looking for, we have it all!  Please call or text for more information.  231-750-2170
Our mission is to help all of our clients feel more confident and make their life easier!


We do a powder brow which is a soft and natural enhancement designed to your individual needs. Everyone has a different shape face so the eyebrow has to be designed showcase and frame the beauty of the eye.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is the application of tiny dots to give the illusion of hair follicles. Whether is a woman with thinning hair or a man who wants the 5oclock shadow look, we can help. Everyone has unique needs so please call or text for more information.


Eyelash enhanchment is great way to have a natural "eyeliner" is helps to give the lashes a fuller look. Regular eyeliner is a bit bolder as it is in the lash line and on the lid.

Lip Blush

Lip blush tattooing is a gentle way to deposit pigment in lips to add just enough color to give a natural look. It is the perfect solution for someone who has lost a lot of their natural lip color.

Li-ft tattoo pigment lightening

Li-ft saline removal system aids in getting rid of unwanted previous pigment from old microblading or tattoo pigment that has shifted to an undesirable color.

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  • Hours available Monday -Saturday by appointment only

Hello! Please feel free to contact me, Jodi Ellinger at 231-750-2170 to answer any question you may have. Also if you have any health issues talk to your health care provider prior to receiving permanent cosmetics.

Before Your Procedure:
IIt is very important to eat a meal and obstain from caffeine before your procedure.  If you take any blood thinning medication please discuss with your doctor if you are able  to discontinue for a short period of time.  Certain procedures require preparation of the skin prior to procedure those would be lip blush and scalps.  It is very important to avoid suntanning 2 weeks before and after any procddure.  Please call or text for more information.  Consultations are a great time to ask any questions, and there is no charge. Please call / text  231-750-2170